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"I Shouldn't Be Singing This Song"

Album Notes

      "I Shouldn't Be Singing This Song" expresses the same basic observation from several different points of view: things are hardly ever the way most people say things are supposed to be.  So each of these songs, in its own way, is about the way things shouldn't be--but really are. 

      Maybe love shouldn't cost you, but it does. Maybe thoughts of being with other women shouldn't sneak into the minds of happily married men, but they do. Maybe we shouldn't tell other people how to live their lives, but we do.

     And so on.

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"Second Wind"

Album Notes

The second in a trilogy, this album could just as easily have been called "Second Thoughts" or "Second Look". Each song comes from the perspective of a second consideration. First impressions may be important, but the second look is often more well-informed.

We take a second look at a potential romantic relationship after the potential is gone. We have experiences that make us rethink everything we used to believe. And no matter how much we value a best-friendship, it’s valued even higher, in retrospect, after our best friend dies.

These songs share the hurt, pain, love, and even fun that we experience when we realize what we thought before wasn’t really true.

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Never Time
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"Never Time" is the last in a trilogy of albums that also includes "I Shouldn’t Be Singing This Song" and "Second Wind".

So much of what happens in our lives takes us by surprise.  We’re caught off guard when we fall deeply in love, but come to believe that it never will end.  Then our hearts are broken, and we believe we’ll never love again. 

We spend so much time and attention looking backward for an explanation that we have no time left to develop more reasonable expectations going forward.   So more things happen that we never thought would, and too much of our lives is spent in Never Time.  

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